Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot

I finished my 6th book this year, P&P by E. Elliot in September. I've read it before, but it's the kind of book I always come back to. This quote is what struck me the most this time through:

"We need to learn to live by the supernatural. Ordinary fare will not fill the emptiness in our hearts...How else will we learn to eat it, if we are never hungry? How educate our tastes for heavenly things if we are surfeited with earthly?...My heart was saying, "Lord, take away this longing, or give me that for which I long.' The Lord was answering, 'I must teach you to long for something better.'...God knew that giving me Jim when I wanted him would not provide the far more important training I needed for things to come. It was in learning to eat that Living Bread, sufficient always for one day at a time, that I was taught and disciplined and prepared for later things." (p. 112-113)

How often I look to so many other things than God for satisfaction and fulfillment. For those of us who are still single, how does our longing for a spouse really affect our lives and our relationship with God? When I think of Elisabeth and Jim's love story, I am astounded. They were apart for 5 years before marrying. Five years of knowing they wanted to be together. Jim actually said to Betty in a letter, "The question is whether or not I should marry. Marriage and you are synonymous." ("The Journals of Jim Elliot," p. 157)

I find comfort in Elisabeth's words. She understood that God's timing was best and knew how to stand firm in that understanding. She struggled with it, like any of us do, but knew He is all we need and He will bring things to pass in our lives when He chooses.

My rating is A+.

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So doing the math, I'm sure you can see that I have to read 6 books over the next three months to accomplish my goal of 12 books in a year. "Set-Apart Femininity" will definitely be completed over the next two months, but as for the others I'm "currently reading," I'm really not reading them. I think I'd better get on that.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm behind on my reading 2008 goals too. I'm not sure it is humanly possible to reach them at this point.

Thanks for reminding me of this book, I haven't read it since high school. I think I'll start it again this week.