Thursday, December 30, 2010

Free money: Swagbucks and MyPoints

I believe I have mentioned Mypoints before. I earn about $50 in gift cards every year through that website. I highly recommend it, but would suggest creating a separate junk email for Mypoints because you will get a lot of emails (through them you earn points) and it can easily overwhelm your account.

I wanted to also tell you guys about Swagbucks. I can't remember who first told me about Swagbucks, but now that I've finally redeemed my points and received my order, I wanted to share this wonderful website with you.

I started using Swagbucks back in July. You earn swagbucks in various ways, but I have found using the toolbar to be most effective. I earn at least 10 points a day, usually more. You need 450 points to cash in for a $5 gift card. So at the very least, every month and a half I will earn $5. I have averaged $5/month, which equals $60/year. I waited until I had accrued $25, and then, just before Christmas, redeemed all the gift cards for three books and a cd (amazon has no gift card redemption limit).

My routine every day is basically to search the web in the morning (using the swagbucks toolbar). After two or maybe three searches, I win swagbucks. It takes all of 10 seconds. I then get my four other daily points by doing what is demonstrated in the video below. Some days there are other ways to earn swagbucks, usually through the blog, toolbar message center, and facebook. Every holiday they have a code in a blog post that you can redeem for swagbucks too. And if you're spending some time on the internet anyway, it might be beneficial to you to open up Swagbucks TV in one of your tabs (make sure AutoPlay is ON) and let it roll through the videos. The Swagbucks Meter at the top of the page will tell you when you're about to win Swagbucks for watching (I think it's 5 every time). I just put it on mute and let it roll. The more time you spend on the site, the more points you will earn, but I just do what is minimally necessary.

Through 12/31/10 new sign-ups to Swagbucks can get an additional 30 swagbucks in their account (you get 30 for signing up so this will make it 60) when they use the code “JoinIn2010” during the signup process. So, if you have any inclination to join, now is the time to do it. (And if you go to the website by clicking the banner below, I'll get some referral points too!)

Search & Win

PS: Both US AND Canadian residents can join!

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